Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash — How to Coda with VAT — Part IV

Giving a reduction over the total (VAT incl or excl).

Once you understand how you can give a reduction per product as shown in previous blogs, the next question is ‘how to set up a reduction logic that takes into account all the products with their respective VAT parts?’. After reading this blog you can create what you see below:

Photo by Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash | How to Coda a Template

Based on data living in a table?

It happens quite often that data living a table has to be presented in a user friendly way. The example that crosses my mind are the text and the numbers showing the VAT per VAT type (like 6%, 21% etc). You then get something like below:

How to Coda a guest list?

Checking for and adding when necessary

You have a list of people you expect and you are open add a few more. You check if a name is on the list and if so you confirm the presence and if not you add relevant details.

The process is rather easy. You have your Coda app open…

Christiaan Huizer

Coda Expert | Huizer Automation

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