Photo by Luigi Raffone on Unsplash | how to coda personalized pages

and to email a page filled-out with variables

Most of us are used to work with variables in tables and even on pages applying filters to show the proper variable like due date, product name etc. You get this info on your page by referencing to a row in a table based on an active checkbox, the last…

Photo by J E S U S R O C H A on Unsplash | How to Code variables

about Concatenate() and Format() and how they differ

When I started using Coda, one of the first functions that resembled familiair to me was Concatenate(). I knew it from Excel and it was a rather easy to use function I applied when I had to glue stuff together based on values in cells. …

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash | How to Coda Calling and Texting?

Set up calls and send messages directly from a doc

The basic logic of dealing with phone numbers is turning them into a hyperlink. For calling we make use of “tel” and for texting “sms”. We glue these together using a Format() or Concatenate() function with Hyperlink() and off we go. Or not? Well actually not directly and I quote:

Photo by Todd Steitle on Unsplash on How to Coda Commitment

Using the Gmail Pack and smart buttons

In my blog on how to Coda Permissions I demonstrated a logic to provide access to users in a predefined order using button. But how do you know it is your turn and how do you get informed?

Though for these two questions we can provide a practical solution, you…

Denny Müller — Unsplash — How to Coda an Index using the find function

Making use of the hidden gem Find()

As you may remember in two previous articles I already spoke about Find() . In what follows there is a bit of overlap with this blog. Here I showed how to use the find function as a detector and how it can be applied to get access to a previousRow

Permission Management In

To manage your internal approval processes

In the community I saw various cases related to buttons. For example this one of Scott. He offers a smart solution to make you think twice and on top he integrates nicely a color formula to underline the message.

If(thisRow.[Double Check].IsBlank(),"Delete Rows" ,_color("#ff0000","Press again to delete") )

This post is…

How to plan your social media with (image source — UnSplash)

Using tables with buttons you create a planning in seconds

In the Coda Community I came across a question on how to plan social media posts. Like often with planning, you have multiple solutions. I went for an approach that uses buttons to generate a list of dates and a calendar view.

How to plan?

The main function here is Sequence() The…

After users submitted and updated their information

In my blog on how to Coda a Form I mentioned the importance of keeping data aligned once you present pre-filled Coda forms and users update their info via these Coda forms.

This blog is about ways to pre-fill forms and to bring the info back to the user without…

How to Coda a form?

Turn tables into (multiple) forms — use forms outside Coda

I enjoyed the early versions of and was greatly impressed by the ease of use, the flexibility, reporting tools and email follow-up. Many years later in 2020 I came across, an — in my eyes — even better way to collect and process data. …

scenarios based on interest variations

In my blog on previousRow I mentioned at the end that for interest calculations we do not need a previousRow logic, instead we apply Power() .

Loans of all sorts are related to variables as with or without installments, the amount, residual value (if any), interest percentage(s), period (mostly in…

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