More often than not you see in the web link the letters UTM. Ever wondered what it meant ? “UTM” stands for “Urchin tracking module”. It was created by Urchin Software Corporation (which was later acquired by Google), and it can now be used with Google Analytics. You can also use any other analytics tool you prefer — just make sure you use the right UTM structure that differs from one tool to the other.

An example of a URL link enriched with UTM tags looks like this:

In this URL, some parameters are mandatory and others optional. You…

How to make use of WithName in Coda ?

The function WithName() was introduced late december 2020. Ít intents to make the writing of functions easier and to protect the user against human mistakes. The function enables two key scenarios — reusing logic within a formula, and nested loops.

Reusing logic within a formula

I see the usage of WithName ()— when we talk about reusing logic within a formula — mainly taking place in an If() statement or in a SwitchIf(). The first part is a condition and often this condition is the outcome of a formula. If the outcome is a simple True() or False(), the rest of the formula simply tells…

The Find Function explained in Coda

Find & Replace, is that not like the horse and the carriage going together like love and marriage? It might feel that way, but once you dive into the Coda logic, you see something else.

This article is about how the function Find() operates inside Coda and aims to clarify three use cases:

  • Finding something to filter on as understood in natural language
  • As a detector
  • As a function to refer to thisRow() and previousRows

Finding something

I responded to a question in the community on how to filter on something predefined. The questions was:

I want to filter it to show…

Happy Birthday Notifications in

Having a mechanism that informs you in time that someone has her birthday in the days to follow, would be great for many people. At least one could timely order chocolate and flowers!

This blog shows how you can use automations in Coda to notify you days before the BD. This blog is not about GDPR and privacy rules related to the question if you have the freedom to share the BD date with colleagues for example. In the Coda blog about BD, GDPR alike rules do not seem to apply. …

undouble in

Keeping data aligned is a challenge. Partly because data changes (people move, change phone numbers, use different email addresses and so on) and partly because data lives in different systems throughout the organisation. This blog is about how to bring data together and to deduplicate using a button outside a table.

Create a master table

Often I am called in for a job that should have been ready yesterday and is related to data collection. To move on fast, I create a new table in a doc and link it to the form I put online to harvest the data. When the project is…

Find and Replace in

You can easily use the Find and Replace features in any spreadsheet like Excel to search for a particular number or text string. You can either locate the search item for reference, or you can replace it with something else. Though it is simple, there are even videos explaining how to execute this simple task that only requests filling out two fields: find what you are looking for and the replacement.

in everything is a list

This blog is about some essentials in Coda I already used in various posts. However if you are new to Coda and you want to speed up your understanding, this might be of help.

  • All information in a column can be seen as a list
  • In case a table has 10 rows, than any column has 10 items in a list
  • If one row is empty, we note IsBlank( ) it is still an item in this list
  • Rows can contain one item (like the date of my birthday) or multiple items (like all the RDV dates for a manager…

How to create an invoice with ?

The question is not if you can create a partly automated invoicing logic with Coda. It is mainly why you should want to do this and if so, how.

If your ambition is to link incoming and outgoing payments to your Coda account, you better look for specialised software. The same if you want your bookkeeping done in Coda and by this I mean applying all kinds of fiscal rules.

However if you want to create invoices based on your products & services you already manage in Coda and if you want to follow up on the payments, Coda is…

Time based automations in Coda

How can I configure my doc to support me in keeping track of my monthly and yearly payments? I was looking for a system to help me to avoid automatic renewals of notebily yearly subscriptions. What if I could send myself myself each quarter an email to tell me when the next payment was due and for which amount. Based on this info I could check if I still need this subscription.

My basic idea was simple:

  • Show the renewal date for each subscription
  • Indicate yearly or monthly and the amount
  • Define next payment date in the overview
  • Define alerts…

TimeTables and previousRows in

In my post on the previousRow logic I applied the logic that all columns can be perceived as lists and that we have access to all values via their positions written as Nth() in this list. Additionally we have access to items on row level making use of a RowIndex.

We continue this logic and apply it to TimeTables. We calculate first the duration between stops (which differs from standard calculations). We compare values based on previous rows. Secondly we create a running total over well defined parts.

From a technical point of view it is relevant to understand that…

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