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Advanced Coda Filtering in a LookUp

work with Remainder() to get your filtered sub set

The concrete use case

We have three type of people working with us, the workers, the clerks and the consultants. The latter we leave out of the equation because they are not subject to labour laws, they have specific contracts with the employer.

The intermediate solution to have something

I clicked together the solution as you see below by adding an extra column and selecting the right option. In this case this is possible, but once you run into a more complex set up, it no longer holds.

the extra column to have something

Step 01

Before I could test the remainder function I had to define the list of items. Below how that goes. We limit the list by the length of the working day (in our case 8 hours, but if you live in an other country it can be 9 hours or 7.6 hours or 7.2 hours) and what I did next is in the light of what follows not really necessary, I also limited the list by the min take off value. I assumed this would be important, but this is wrong.

Step 02

We evaluate this list using the Remainder() function. Below how I evaluated each item in the list, using a virtual sequence logic to run over every item in step 01 bringing ForEach() into play.´Although the min time off is formatted as Duration, I still had to apply ToHours() to make it work. I only got this by testing and trying.

Step 03

This preparation was necessary to see the Remainder logic in action and only functioning with the ToHours() at the end. Step 03 is to add a filter that only accepts values that have zero as remaining value:

adding a filter

Step 04

In previous blogs on lookups I wrote already:

what we need!
the value logic
the solution
Christiaan — Coda Expert — on: “Advanced Coda Filtering in a LookUp”



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