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How To Coda a Check Box?

Using a check box to simplify conditions

Christiaan Huizer
3 min readJan 22, 2022


Although a check box can have three states as explained in this blog , see screenshot below, I focus in this blog on true and false.

in this blog I focus on two options instead of three


Below a simple table I use to show the power of True(). We start with the If statement using a checkbox:

Checkbox inside an If-statement

The only thing we wrote was the name of the column: ‘CheckBox’ and this works.

No need to write :

Nor to write:

Nor this option:

The filter

The same inside a filter, see below:

the check box inside a filter

Here likewise, all the other options would work as well, but the simple check box does the job.

The mains lesson is that a checkbox is True() by default and this insight you can apply elsewhere as well, like in setting up automation rules. Below a last example related to check boxes living on the canvas:

Check Boxes on the Canvas

Below two buttons that together result in 4 options.

basic options

The options on the canvas I wrote :

check boxes on the canvas

When a check box is checked, you simply note the default state (true) and if not, you add .Not() . It is as easy as this and fast in writing. This logic permits for setting up a schema really fast.

While templating I make use of this logic to keep track of options users make in the doc. The named formulas help me to see what I am doing.


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