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How to Coda a Template

Based on data living in a table?

It happens quite often that data living a table has to be presented in a user friendly way. The example that crosses my mind are the text and the numbers showing the VAT per VAT type (like 6%, 21% etc). You then get something like below:

Templating data on the canvas

The trick behind the building up is a mix of Sequence(), FormulaMap() and Format() . Below you see how I created the formula.

The basis logic is this one:

" text and {1} {2} {3} ",
argument 1.Nth(CurrentValue),
argument 2.Nth(CurrentValue),
argument 3.Nth(CurrentValue)

I applied this logic as well in my template to show the status of the quests.

There is one issue here and that is that early January 2022 the column logic does not fully support this kind of templating, but I am sure that this is a temporally inconvenience that Coda will solve soon.

Example of applied logic

Once I have the logic in place, it happens I create language sensitive variations to improve the communication. Altogether translating a bit is not the hard work once the template logic is clear.

I hope you enjoyed this speed blog. If you have questions feel free to reach out. Though this article is for free, my work (including advice) won’t be, but there is always room for a chat to see what can be done. Besides you find my (for free) contributions to the Coda Community and on Twitter

My name is Christiaan Huizer and I am the owner of Huizer Automation. A company specialized in serving SME in harvesting data and keeping it aligned. I am a Coda Consultant & Expert and rely mainly on Coda, Mailjet, Zapier & Paperform to get the job done.

Huizer Automation — Coda Expert and Consultant on “How to Coda a Template?”



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