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How to Coda with JSON — main

Applying basic JSON knowledge in Coda

Isolating the raw image URL
ParseJson() applied.

Nested JSON Objects

So far the JSON Object (the one starting and closing with the curly brackets — {} — ) was a flat object, there was no nesting. This changed when I tried to set up a web hook to import data living in a form builder. Creating appealing and seductive forms and thus having a good lead or sales conversion is maybe the most important reason to use an external form builder (compared to the simple forms Coda offers).

Simple Paperform to generate leads for project PlusBus
input and output properly formatted

The JSON string in your doc

When you import the data in Coda it looks like below and that is not so appealing. On purpose I added some blue to show the start and the end of the Array inside the Object named “Data”:

The JSON String I brought into the coda doc
Understanding the data structure of the JSON sting using an external tool
via the link Coda provided
The Final Result
Christiaan on “How to Coda with JSON — main”



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