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How to Coda with VAT — Part II

Applying reductions

Christiaan Huizer
3 min readJan 25, 2022


An important finding in our first blog on VAT was about two almost identical formulas. One to turn a base price into a price with VAT and one turning a price including VAT into a base price. See below.

Two related functions

Adding VAT requires the Product() logic, while for distracting VAT we apply its counterpart: Quotient().

In this blog we focus on how to give a reduction on a set of products as a fixed amount or as a percentage.

Percentage Or Fixed Amount

In the end a percentage is only step extra in the calculation. You take the percentage and multiply it by the price to have the amount. Once you have the amount you apply the described rules. This cannot be the difficulty. Indeed the trick is to know when to apply which version. Below what we use to get started.

Starting Point

First we have an If statement that shows which rule applies when the check box is (un) checked. In the above the reduction is written as percentage.

The Check Box linked to an If statement to show the right message

We have the Text Box where we can add information and we create an additional column to capture the reduction. We use a Regex Replace to remove information that would block the calculation like 100 Euro or 20% or 20 perc.

calculate the reduction

Our last step is to get a new base price. We have done that before. Below you see (again) how it goes.

This step is the preparation for our next challenge: imagine you want to decide if you give the reduction to the price VAT inclusive or VAT exclusive. This will be discussed in part III.


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