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Multiple Rooms in Coda → Part 2

Select the days with rooms that fit your criteria

  • have a user friendly solution
  • speed up the calculation
calculations for a sub set

Preparations to book a room

Once we have the results on our screens, we want to select the combinations that match our preferences. Often a single day shows have multiple combinations. The challenge is to keep the combined rooms together and enable the user to select them easily. We plan for two actions:

  • The available rooms are taken out of the list with available room
  • The rooms are added to a table containing only reservations
Adding a row when no room is available.
all dates with rooms or a zero

Selecting the rooms

Once we see the possible combinations per day, we want to select a combination that fits us. How we end up with this overview, you read below the image. More about this result in my next blog (part 3).

calculating price and rooms and splitting the combinations
button code outside table
How you start
The steps we make from all rooms to reserved room
Christiaan on: Multiple Rooms in Coda → Part 2



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Christiaan Huizer

I use Coda mainly for (HR) planning & (budget) calculations. Follow me to learn how to Coda with numbers. I blog at least once per week.